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I am increasingly despairing of the tendency for  young middle class women to denounce feminism as a dated concept.  Feminism is an awkward word, and increasingly repellent to many. In fact, I am sure some of the few readers of my blog are probably cringing already. But as Isabel Allende suggests in the followingTED talk from a few years ago, if you don’t like the word then use a new word by all means but don’t denounce the sentiment.  However I find so many cannot express their understanding of feminism past equal pay for women (which is somewhat  self serving).

For me, it was when I came across this speech by Allende, her Tales of Passion, which weaves themes of femininity, politics, management and gender, third world and generational issues that I thought – “yeah, feminism – it’s what she said”.

As I move toward 50  I believe that my cohort has a responsibility to clarify feminism to those  younger generations of women who give it a wide berth. At the very least I’d love us to put the conversation back on the table.

So get a cup of tea, click the link and lose yourself in Isabel Allende’s Tales of Passion…

“Women my age, as elders of the village, have a duty to care for the young, especially girls. If the world is ever going to heal, it will be women who will make it so. Today’s girls are tomorrow’s women. We cannot leave them to fend for themselves. Each of us must act without delay to empower girls to take control of their lives, even if they stumble and fall a hundred times. With our help, they can succeed.”  Isabel Allende

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