Dress Up

Nothing to wear? Probably not quite true, but wouldn’t it be easier if we just streamlined our wardrobes to 50 must have pieces? That’s what I’m doing anyway...

It’s what’s underneath that counts….


Just this week as I was sashaying around Kikki K in my favourite “feminine dress”,  I became aware of something gently but quite definitely falling from my person onto the floor by my feet.  Oh great – it was the detachable bra strap from my rather crappy old bra which must have wormed its way through my sleeve hole during the previous meeting. (I wonder if it had been dangling down my arm during my presentation as I was gesticulating wildy making a point…)

Before the children came along, I used to spend a lot of time lingering in front of the mirror every morning. But now I am the age of the ‘quick once-over’ and accidents do happen e.g in my last role as an executive in the fashion industry it was not uncommon to  find I had worn my top inside out. Once I even wore  a dress back to front (“Oh I wore it like this on purpose” I lied)

I’m not the only one – years ago my sister after depositing two kids with a nanny, was trotting up Auckland’s Queen St, far from home and 2 minutes away from an important meeting, only to look down and discover one brown shoe and one blue. Arrrgghhh . I remember a client met me in her reception area one day and as she turned around the price ticket of her new jacket swung halfway down her back. I witnessed an academic I know delivering a particularly moving speech as we all fixated on the washing  instruction label protruding from the dress seam on her hip. And yet another working mum I know was recently running to a meeting and a pair of underpants fell out of her trouser leg.

Anyway, I digress! My point actually is that before I buy any more outer garments to make up my wardrobe of 50, it’s clear I better work this thing from the inside out and upgrade my undergarments – pronto.

So the second thing on my list of 50 is “decent bras”. I’ll  cluster these together and treat as one garment on the list – Week Two and cheating already.


2 Responses to “It’s what’s underneath that counts….”

  1. cris
    November 11, 2012 at 4:45 pm #

    mmm what to wear…
    inside out, the other way around…
    I was trying dresses the other day to see which one I was going to wear for the TV Awards, and a couple of the dresses I was trying on were purposely designed so that they could be worn either way… so I guess designers are already a step ahead designing dresses that could be worn both ways.
    Even the other day my son commented to my partner that he was wearing the t-shirt inside out, and my partner replied that that was purposely designed that way.
    But more on lingerie, dresses and feminine clothes… The must have I realise is clothes that have a nice feeling when you wear them like silk, cotton… a nice fall, not too tight not too loose, just where you feel comfortable and still can show a little bit of the curves here and there!

    • sandy
      November 11, 2012 at 6:36 pm #

      Yes i guess if we wore our clothes inside out and back to front, in principle we would have a wardrobe twice as big?