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My heritage “edible balcony”

Capsicum Mandala

My Uncle Col was a mad keen vege gardener and for years tried to engage me in gardening with his enthusiastic blow by blow account of how he would every year wipe a tomato on a paper towel to save the seeds for next year’s planting. Well of course my beloved Uncle has gone and  how I desperately want those seeds now I have  somewhat belatedly discovered the delights of planting heritage seeds.

Sometimes called Heirloom seeds, these little gems have been passed down to us by our ancestors and by planting, harvesting and saving the seeds, we become  a vital part of a chain of evolution. Apparently the communication between our food and our DNA is what determines our health and the  health of our DNA as we pass it on down. So planting heritage seeds is not only a romantic notion but a practical contribution to a thriving planet.

Did you know that since 1900, the world has lost more than 90% of the global genetic biodiversity in our food plants? These plants have disappeared largely as a result of the industrialisation of our food production and they are now extinct and irretrieveable.

So if you are going to plant veges, plant heritage and join me in making the world a healthier planet.  I’m only doing beefsteak tomatoes, courgettes and dwarf beans, but hey its a start!

In NZ my favourite is Koanga  because..lfmlmdlfsdlfal; m :

In Australia the equivalent is another company handily called Heirloom Seeds



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