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Santa – the ultimate personal brand

This year I’ve been writing, speaking and researching the concept of leading and living with a strong personal brand. It is a natural extension of my commercial background in brand strategy which I take into executive coaching.

When I speak of the power of a strong personal brand I am talking about digging deep to the find your authentic truth and finding a way to express this. However many people assume I am talking about some sort of constructed persona that one markets to the outside world purely for commercial gain. I can understand this, I’ve done a few of those in the past too! In fact I have to admit the principles and process of developing a personal brand are similar to commercial brand which is why this satirical piece on developing a personal brand for Santa Claus made me scream with laughter.

It was invented I think by a design agency in the UK a couple of years ago. But is my all-time favorite viral. When you just get an inkling that Christmas is just a tad too commercial lighten up and look at this.


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