Play Up

Cruising in your comfort zone? Been there! Here’s my journal of actually doing the stuff I usually think about but never get around to doing.

The cordless power drill – a woman’s best friend.


One of the things I have learnt these past few days at the Barrier is how to use the power drill. Luke is always going on about how I have “too much testosterone” and maybe he’s right as I am loving my new found passion for DIY. I’ve been drilling all sorts of holes in all sorts of things. It’s certainly easier than waiting for him to hang the photos or do the curtain rack. My proudest DIY moment of the week has to be my new outdoor shower box. Admittedly I didn’t do the actual frame but I did a lot of hook drilling etc and dontcha just love the whole mad aesthetic. My idea was sparked from the kids and visitors propensity to take indoor showers when there is a perfectly functioning outdoor shower available, admittedly without screens etc so a little public.



So with some hooks, a saw, and some things around the house, and my new “bff” the cordless power drill, I soon fixed the issue. And it worked – people are now showering outside.For my next trick, an outhouse…..

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