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This will blow your mind….we are the gods now, apparently

A modern day philosopher who uses the medium of super short film to communicate his more intense ideas on life and the universe. Philosophy meets Science meets Art.

In this clip from the recent Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney (let’s all go next year) Jason Silva introduces a couple of quick films, described as philosophical shot of expresso, one of which espouses his theory that technology and humans will increasingly be seamlessly interlinked and this is the secret to our immortality. (The whole clip shown here is his seminar, just over half an hour, but trust me, it is worth it. He is also cute as a button which makes it even more watchable).

I am not sure I altogether agree with him but he puts up a very convincing argument and it has been a while since I have heard such a totally original viewpoint on life, the universe and beyond.

Brace yourself.

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