Dress Up

Nothing to wear? Probably not quite true, but wouldn’t it be easier if we just streamlined our wardrobes to 50 must have pieces? That’s what I’m doing anyway...

Cheapest black jacket on the planet?


One of the issues of being more strategic about my wardrobe and attempting to select just 50 must-have’s is that in this early part of the journey I haven’t quite got enough to wear. Well of course technically I have but I suffer repetition discomfort and have always lived by the unwritten rule of “ you don’t wear the same thing to work twice in a row”. When you are younger this signals – ‘dirty stop out’, and when older this signals – ‘dirty person’. But this week due to a last minute wardrobe malfunction I broke the rule of a lifetime and wore the same dress two days in a row figuring the chances of someone seeing me in both cities (a plane journey away from each other) were very slim. I got away with it.

Anyway the malfunction basically derived from the discovery that my trusty black jacket is now just a little too tatty to wear and this threw my whole outfit plan out. When I worked in the fashion business I fell back on my black jacket over everything – dresses, mismatched black pants and especially jeans which if worn with a black jacket turns casual into smart casual in a cinch (as per the navy pants thing from last week). The black jacket I have just tossed out has survived not one, not two, but three seasons plus trans seasons so it was a great excuse to do a little online retail therapy.

One of my New Year resolutions was to cut out mindless TV watching – the hours spent doing this I have cleverly diverted to active browsing on fashion websites like asos.com and shopbp.com. If you haven’t bought anything from asos.com or shop bop.com – come out from that rock you are living under!! Save yourself $$, enjoy free shipping; savor the delight of an exciting parcel arriving in the letterbox not to mention the parcel opening ritual.

I just bought this leather lapel black jacket from shopbop.com for about $60 from the comfort of my bedroom. I mean, why wouldn’t you?

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