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Music collection frozen in time? Same! So meet my fabulous 26 year old niece Jenna who works in the music industry. Each week she’s sending me something to listen to add to my playlist so I’m never caught listening to Hall and Oates on my ipod again.

‘Get Lucky’ – Daft Punk

I’ll keep this quick – currently posting from Malaysia and this internet connection is at snail speed.

My best/favourite/mind blowing concerts of all time, Number 1: Michael Jackson (when he came to NZ on his History tour, I was about 10 or so). Number 2: Daft Punk (Melbourne, 2007).

The French robo-duo Daft Punk are coming back with a new album on May 17, and their new single ‘Get Lucky’ features Pharrell Williams and legend Nile Rodgers. It’s catchy.

Get it on iTunes here.

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