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I am eleven….well we all were once..

As I prepare for the big birthday next week and arrange a series of commemorative events over the ensuing weeks to celebrate, it struck me that the difference between 30 and 50 is the same as comparing my 30-year-old self to my 10-year-old self. A lot happens in 20 years.I had a playboy bunny party for my 30th birthday, slithered into a red satin playboy suit, did an act with Mika a Maori cabaret performer, was sewn into paisley hip hugging hipster flares and matching bikini top at midnight and literally partied till dawn. I had an overactive social life and overreaching career, not a lot else actually.

I don’t remember much about being ten except I was wrapt that someone gave me a birthday box of about 30 potato chip packs for my own personal use – I thought I had peaked early with best present I was likely ever to receive. Maybe it still holds that record.

Do you remember what it was like being ten, what about 11? That’s an interesting age smack bang in the middle of tweenhood. So it was very apt that we went along to see a movie last night called I Am Eleven a documentary screening as part of the 8th Edge International Documentary Film Festival. It’s a heartwarming reflection on being that beautiful age of 11, and the filmmaker Genevieve Bailey went on a personal journey to discover what life is like at 11, visiting many 11 year olds around the globe.

As one reviewer notes, “in the deepest sense these children speak with one voice.” And it’s a voice of hope, happiness and creativity; shared values of world peace and optimism. Oh if we could get these kids to hold on to this through the following years. Check out this lovely trailer and explore the website

Me on the left, at 11 years old with my two older sisters, Robyn 18 years and Michele 13 years

Me on the left, at 11 years old with my two older sisters, Robyn 18 years and Michele 13 years

As we journey, we come full circle and I was thinking that if all my circa 50 year old friends spoke with one voice – I think it would be a beautiful acapella harmony of warmth, humour, knowing and acceptance

The other day I was in the shower and I suddenly realized “hey I am at peace with my body! When and how did that happen?”. I am not saying I am letting myself go but I am saying, being 50 means you can say to yourself “I’m fine”. (Hence I won’t be searching the storeroom for that satin playboy bunny suit)

at my 30th, 20 years ago!

at my 30th, 20 years ago!

Me and Director of "I am Eleven" Genevieve Bailey

Me and Director of “I am Eleven” Genevieve Bailey

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