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Nothing to wear? Probably not quite true, but wouldn’t it be easier if we just streamlined our wardrobes to 50 must have pieces? That’s what I’m doing anyway...

Nom D knitwear…you’ll never shop again…

..only in that label Nom D has such amazing quality that they actually last a lifetime which means you won’t need to go shopping.

I haven’t bought anything for weeks it seems because about 6 years ago I bought two pieces of basic Nom D long knits – one a khaki turtleneck and the other a black crew and they are STILL as good as new and staple pieces in my 2013 winter wardrobe. And last week one of my friends was wearing a wrap/scarf from Nom D and confessed it was over 15 years old!

If I had to go to a desert island, in winter, and take a piece of clothing, I realise this is far-fetched…..anyway what I am trying to say is that Nom D deserves more praise and media attention than it gets. It’s a classy brand, confident yet modest, always nails the season, and faultless on quality. Nom D does not seem to talk itself up. It doesn’t need to – its pieces do all the talking.

If you have never owned a Nom D piece – about time you did. Don’t be put off by the pale sullen model from this season….it must be cold in Dunedin. And besides, this latest collection is called Spaced Out…Dunedin scarfies…you know what they get up to…

Here is Nom D’s design statement:

Dark and wittily sombre, NOM*D has created an iconic image on the New Zealand fashion landscape. The label’s designs, which reference traditional tailoring and use reworked vintage garments, are anchored by a utilitarian approach and the concept that clothes must, above all else, be wearable. In every collection, NOM*D maintains its credibility as a label unaffected by trends and whims, instead adopting the cool, considered gaze of the fashion outsider

I’m sold!101_AW_2013

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