Dress Up

Nothing to wear? Probably not quite true, but wouldn’t it be easier if we just streamlined our wardrobes to 50 must have pieces? That’s what I’m doing anyway...

Nerdy grey cardigan


Look just because this week I am writing all about study, I just had to find an excuse to go buy something at the Gormans sale (ok 3 things that will be revealed over the weeks ahead) and I am focussing on a good old grey cardigan. I know Nina Garcia swears by a long grey cardigan but I bought this cute short one with special buttons (featuring orange, fave colour, anchors).
Grey goes with everything. And cardigans are practical. Will look good not only in a meeting but when studying in the library I think.

if its good enough for Sofia Coppola...

if its good enough for Sofia Coppola…


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