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Music collection frozen in time? Same! So meet my fabulous 26 year old niece Jenna who works in the music industry. Each week she’s sending me something to listen to add to my playlist so I’m never caught listening to Hall and Oates on my ipod again.

‘Drop The Game’ – Flume & Chet Faker

Through the powers of the Facebook Newsfeed I saw this morning that one of my old friends currently living in the UK listened to this on Soundcloud. Oh internet, the gift that keeps on giving (I’m always saying this, but that’s because it is true!) Doesn’t matter how you discover music – stumble upon it at a festival, or stalk your friends with taste – it’s all rewarding!

Anyway, Flume is an Australian producer who has quite the NZ following. He’s heading back down to NZ for New Year’s to play at La De Da. According to Wikipedia, Chet Faker’s (also Australian) music is electronica, downtempo, soul – a combination I’m liking at the moment.

LISTEN: ‘Drop The Game’ from Flume & Chet Faker

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