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Cruising in your comfort zone? Been there! Here’s my journal of actually doing the stuff I usually think about but never get around to doing.

Salsa lessons – the dance not the sauce….

this is pretty much the basic idea

this is pretty much the basic idea

My dear friend is a salsa dancing fiend, regularly dancing in South Africa where she lives as well as popping into salsa clubs whenever she is abroad including New York, Brazil and Cuba where I guess she dances the night away. She has been saying for years – you HAVE to try salsa, and I certainly have been meaning to but it never seemed to be the right time……until now. It took my husband’s trip to Cuba last year to get me interested (since he returned wearing a Cuban hat, smoking cigars, and listening to salsa beats pretty much continually). And this week we started an 8 week Salsa dancing course – it was his Christmas present to me which shut me up since I did say “if you are going to buy me a present make it an experience or something edible……I don’t need more stuff”.After a pretty full on day on Monday I didn’t really feel like going but at 6.30pm there I was at Viva Latino in Newton Rd Auckland, feeling a little overdressed in my work clothes.While I had imagined a group of around 8 nervous randoms, I’d like to report there were around 25-30 people, almost an even number of men/women, including funnily enough, two people I knew. And it was fantastic.

There is something to be said for doing something completely new like this – it’s just physical enough to be energizing but not unpleasant; it’s social enough to be interesting but not a drag – standing around in a circle we have about 30 seconds dancing with one partner before we move to the next; and it’s just challenging enough to motivate you to do a little quiet practice at home before the next lesson – we learnt the basic 123, 123 rhythm and have extended this to three different steps.

One of the things I realized in lesson one is how much more comfortable I am taking the lead. One of the teachers said to me – no, you just have to go where the guys leads you, that’s the whole idea.
Something tells me this is going to be good for me… .

Love it, can’t wait to go again and be good enough to wear sequins and frothy sort of dress. (can you imagine how excited our teenagers are at this whole thing?)

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