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I went inside the Lodge….

My husband and I finally got to do something we have always wanted to do and that is to go inside the ARA Lodge at the top of Airedale St Auckland. Our daughter is one of the recipients of the ARA Lodge Arts Awards – the ARA Lodge gives tens of thousands every year to […]

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Resort Dressing

Not that I am at a resort. In fact I am typing this on my laptop in bed in the burbs. But this is my favorite recent purchase at my have store Gorman. A classic cotton resort dress. I am trying to nail exactly where the style originates from – Mexico? Turkey? Ibiza? – wherever, […]

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Air NZ – have you you lost your mind ….

or have we lost our sense of humor? Actually I think we are laughing AT the Air NZ new safety video rather than WITH it. To be honest I am not even laughing, I’m more sort of rolling my eyes up and thinking “….Sports Illustrated swimsuit models….really?” When I viewed the video I wasn’t “incensed” […]

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