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If I knew then what I know now – 5 women at 5 different lifestages.

The January that I was 17, 1981, I had just left high school, about to start at AUT, went to Sweetwaters (forerunner to Rhythm and Vines) in a yellow satin bikini and sarong from memory, and the world was ahead of me. Little did I know what that year would bring (death of my fabulous […]

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Predictions for 2014

Happy New Year. Here are a few predictions for 2014 to get the ball rolling. I love these annual updates from JWTIntelligence – a center for provocative thinking based in New York. In their words “We make sense of the chaos in a world of hyper-abundant information and constant innovation—finding quality amid the quantity”. Whatever […]

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Why I got a younger mentor, so on the ‘digital edge’ she was almost falling off….

Think that your mentor needs to be older and wiser; what if they were younger and wiser? As we mature, many assume that we are reaching the age of becoming the mentor not the mentee, the teacher not the student, which ignores the fact that hopefully life is one long journey of learning. When I […]

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