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Secret Garden

Ok, I promise after this post on gardens and Great Barrier Island, I will shut up for a while on both subjects. But I wanted to share this little adventure I went on with two pals of mine Moira and Jane. I like to make sure I do something completely new everytime I go to […]

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All Hail the Tunic

Well the Ancient Romans had it right – if you like lying about gorging on delicacies and washing it down with copious amounts of wine, the tunic is your best friend. More versatile than say a toga, the humble tunic is still a hit two milleniums on, particularly if you’ve had a couple of kids […]

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Desperate to be liked

I remember watching the Academy Awards on TV years ago when actress Sally Field (Gidget/Flying Nun, or Forrest Gump’s mother, for those in their 20′s) gave the most hideously saccharine Oscar acceptance speech. “You like me! you really like me” she gushed. At the wise old age of 12 years old, I was horrified. I […]

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