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Nerdy grey cardigan

Look just because this week I am writing all about study, I just had to find an excuse to go buy something at the Gormans sale (ok 3 things that will be revealed over the weeks ahead) and I am focussing on a good old grey cardigan. I know Nina Garcia swears by a long […]

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Fisherman’s Jumper

It’s officially freezing so out come the wooly knits. This week I am putting a good word in for the Fisherman’s jumper which we all need in our wardrobe and as mine is more of a half-sleeve vest I bought last year at Gorman’s(of course) I could probably do with investing in a new one […]

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World’s Collide

When my now teen daughter was 4 she began asserting her own fashion sense away from mine. Fair enough but for some reason I still try and influence what she wears, usually far more buttoned up, warmer, and longer hemmed styles than she would ever choose herself. But usually these purchases remain unworn. Like this […]

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