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Advanced Yoga

This week I did nothing at all out of the ordinary so on Saturday morning at the bach at Great Barrier Island, I forced myself out of a warm snuggly bed with the winter sun shining through the window and hauled my arse over to a local yoga class I had heard about and been […]

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Secret Garden

Ok, I promise after this post on gardens and Great Barrier Island, I will shut up for a while on both subjects. But I wanted to share this little adventure I went on with two pals of mine Moira and Jane. I like to make sure I do something completely new everytime I go to […]

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Re-introducing: Fanny Osborne – Botanical Artist

I’ve always been interested in pioneering women who break new ground. In NZ we love to commemorate Katherine Mansfield and Kate Sheppard as individuals who played by their own rules but there are plenty more interesting women in our history to become reacquainted with. So I’m on the look out to showcase some inspiring women […]

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