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This will blow your mind….we are the gods now, apparently

A modern day philosopher who uses the medium of super short film to communicate his more intense ideas on life and the universe. Philosophy meets Science meets Art. In this clip from the recent Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney (let’s all go next year) Jason Silva introduces a couple of quick films, described as […]

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School of Life soon to be ‘down under’

I had a great response to the post last week about the practical philosophy course I am undertaking and my general pursuit of mastering the art of living. It seems to me that people are really wanting to live more mindful and meaningful lives. Another indicator is the number conversations I have had this year […]

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Mastering the Art of Living

If you begin to be what you are, you will realize everything, but to begin to be what you are, you must come out of what you are not. Shri Shantananda Saraswati There is nothing more gratifying than simply having some time to think, which is what I devote my Tuesday mornings to now that […]

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