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The cordless power drill – a woman’s best friend.

One of the things I have learnt these past few days at the Barrier is how to use the power drill. Luke is always going on about how I have “too much testosterone” and maybe he’s right as I am loving my new found passion for DIY. I’ve been drilling all sorts of holes in […]

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A Brush with Death

This year as I have enjoyed slowing down the speed of life, I’ve spent more time with women who have been facing the imminent possibility of death. And while this has been sobering it also has been inspiring. In February, I had the privilege of being the chemo buddy for a close friend during her […]

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Tales of Passion…

I am increasingly despairing of the tendency for  young middle class women to denounce feminism as a dated concept.  Feminism is an awkward word, and increasingly repellent to many. In fact, I am sure some of the few readers of my blog are probably cringing already. But as Isabel Allende suggests in the followingTED talk from […]

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